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Community and learning center for game development

Located in Kerkrade, Netherlands

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The 5 values of Kenney Land

Socialize, work, learn, create and play.

Locally the initiative aims to spark interest for game development and stimulate the game industry in the Euregio area. Kenney Land will connect all game developers in the area and combine their knowledge to create an open, thriving game development community. Globally the game development scene will be enriched with licensed learning material, public domain art assets (over 20,000 and counting!) by Kenney and livestreams of workshops and trainings.



A welcoming workplace is important to any developer. At Kenney Land all facilities are taken care of, there's room for 6 inhabitants.

Workshops & trainings

Various trainings and workshops will be held at Kenney Land targetting all age groups, and both beginner and advanced developers.


Events held at Kenney Land will appeal to a wide range. Those interested in development, gaming in general and industry veterans.

Game jams

It's possible to attend all major game jams at Kenney Land, including Global Game Jam and Ludum Dare.

Various local and global companies and initiatives support the Kenney Land project

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Global Game Jam 2015

During the first Global Game Jam in Kenney Land three games were made by two teams. You can check them out by clicking the link below, one of the games, BARB, was later on expanded upon and is available as a free download.

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Games Meetup Limburg

Meet fellow members of the game industry and get a sneak peek at the brand new game development learning facility in Kerkrade. The scope is wide and everyone is welcome to join in!

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Home to creative companies

Companies located at Kenney Land

Next to events, trainings and workshops Kenney Land is also home to various creative companies. Sharing a common interest in game development but each with its own expertise.

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Game studio
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2D animation
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3D animation
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360° media
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Free workshop material

Currently in production is material to organize game development workshops and trainings for all ages and skill levels. The material and software will be made available for free for everyone to download, use and improve.

Easy for teachers

• Free to use, share and improve.
• Easy to understand for teachers (no prior knowledge) and students.
• Appropriate for all ages.

More information soon.

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